Build, Empower, Achieve: The Three Goals of Coaching

Build, Empower, Achieve: The Three Goals of Coaching

What can coaching do to help you when you feel something must change to help you meet your goals?

  1. Build a strong base of wellness and balance.  Preparing to work towards change and to move forward requires a strong foundation.  We will work together in wellness coaching to help you develop that base.  Learn how to help yourself regain your energy and passion by investing in your personal wellbeing.

    How do we define wellness?  Wellness consists of preventive and holistic practices that have been found as far back as ancient civilizations.  The Global Wellness Initiative defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

    I think of wellness as the pursuit of balance among your physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social (relationships) wellbeing. Taking the time to invest in YOUR wellness yields huge dividends in satisfaction in your personal life and workplace. Building a wellness platform for your life is the best way to set the foundation upon which you can feel confident in building the plan you wish to pursue. The empowerment that develops from a strong base of wellness leads to the achievement of your goals. Your ability to achieve the path that you believe you are meant to walk comes directly from the investment in your wellness as your first step. Personal wellbeing encompasses helping you determine wellness for yourself which can include physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. We work together as you determine your path to wellness. The discovery process of wellness practices that fit you is one that many people find is pleasant and surprising. And definitely achievable!

    Scientific research shows that wellness practices improve your cognitive ability to problem-solve as well as create resilience and flexibility in decision-making.  So what is holding you back?  Let’s start you with the first step on your path.

  2. Empower the helpers in life and work to grow.  Once you have built the strong platform for growth by improving your personal wellbeing, take stock of where you are and where you want to go.  We are ready for the second step on your journey now that you have built the foundation of wellness.   Life is never static and is always changing.  Develop a growth mindset as a way to learn from all your experiences. 

    Growth mindset helps you assess where you are and in what direction you wish to grow. Empowerment comes from the realization that YOU are the one person who can take an experience and learn from what worked – and what didn’t.  Being able to see each opportunity to become even better is a vision that helps you along your path to achieve your goals. 

    Life is a process!  Experience can continuously improve our outlook about where we are and where we wish to go.  We can enjoy the journey as we learn through experiences and informed choices about our potential

    The tools of growth mindset and coaching give you the skills needed to develop clarity about what you want to achieve.  Together we will work to help you visualize the place where you wish to go in your journey.  And we will work together to co-create the plan that works for you to achieve these goals. 

  3. Achieve your best self and best life.  A strong base of wellness and a growth mindset ready to experience change positions you to achieve your best self and life.  You are now ready to achieve clarity about the purpose you believe you are intended to fulfill in your life

    We will assess where we are now in the process and prepare to move forward with the third step – achievement. The process of achievement through coaching as you experience new growth helps you move towards the place you have always wanted to go but did not you could. 

    Perhaps you could not see yourself becoming empowered and confident?  Perhaps you felt that you were not able to do the things you wished you could do to move yourself in a forward direction?  Perhaps you just felt that “I just don’t have it within me.”  Your reality is that you are creative, resourceful, and whole. 

    Finding that you are indeed enough is one of the most exciting “aha” moments in the coaching process.  The realization that you have the answers within yourself – that is such a priceless moment.  One person said to me “When I realized that I have what I need locked down inside myself and I just need help unlocking that (which you did) – it was like seeing the sun rise!” 

    We will work together to unlock the knowledge you have and to develop a plan that YOU co-create with me in the process of coaching.  We work towards your success of achievement of your best self – that person you would like to be – and your best life.