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I am Dr. Debra Atkisson, a Physician Coach certified as an Executive Coach through the International Coaching Federation.  Prior to coaching, I practiced psychiatry for 30 years during which time I consulted for helping professionals as well as whole agencies including hospitals, physician group practices, schools, therapist group practices, churches, and attorney groups.  As an experienced physician who has practiced psychiatry and consulted with many different specialists regarding patients over the years, I understand the lives of physicians well.  I have worked with medical students, residents, young attendings, mid-career physicians, and retiring physicians.  In addition, I have worked individually with first responders: law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics.

As a professional certified coach, I use my experience and coaching skills to aid helping professionals achieve wellness and balance in their lives; empower them to determine what goals they wish to reach; and assist them in achieving those goals.  I would love to help you!

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Goal of Coaching

Build, Empower and Achieve


Learn how to help yourself regain your energy and passion by investing in your personal wellbeing.  Personal wellbeing encompasses physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions.  We work together as you determine your path to wellness.

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Life is never static and is always changing. Developing a growth mindset is a practice that aids you in learning from life experiences and helps you assess where you are and in what direction you wish to grow. During this time you visualize your path.

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The process of achievement through coaching helps you move towards the place you have always wanted to go but did not feel was attainable. You find yourself determining the roadmap for your journey as you travel towards the destination.

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Coaching Roadmap

Achieve Wellness .01

Regain your energy and passion in every dimension of your life

Forge Balance .02

Construct a strong and unshakable foundation

Contemplate Growth .03

Assess where you are and in what direction you wish to grow

Build a strong base of wellness and balance

Empower the helpers in life and work

Achieve your best self and life

Achieve your best self and life

Achieve your best self and life

Empower the helpers in life and work

Build a strong base of wellness and balance

Build a strong base of wellness and balance

04. Visualize Your Best Life

Dare to dream the path you wish to take

05. Chart Your Roadmap

Chart your roadmap and travel towards the destination

06. Realize Your Best Self

Move toward the place you have always wanted to go

A few of our trusted reviews


Debra is the ultimate in weaving together clinical acumen and real world insight to create healthy life strategies. She is a difference maker.
Suzanne A. BeckM. D., Allergy & Asthma Clinic of West Texas
Debra helped me clarify the path to my career goals by giving me the tools I need to succeed in pursuing my dreams.
Emily BettsOccupational Therapist (OTR, MOT)
I am so grateful for Debra and my coaching experience. Through our conversations, I have gained professional confidence and learned to better recognize my strengths. It has also helped to provide a mental framework for examining challenges and figuring out solutions.
Susan DuncanM.Ed., Academic Coordinator, CHCS
Debra has the innate ability to sit with you, patiently and persistently, as you clear the pathways to solutions you already knew, but didn’t know you knew. She has such a genuine gift and deep intuition for this work!
Melinda Folse SmootDirector of Communications, FUMC
Debra has a unique ability to connect with people at every level of an organization. The real-life scenarios helped our teams gain an appreciation of their interdependencies which immediately improved communication and process execution.  Her expertise and solution focused approach empowered our employees in a way I have never seen.
Arthur PalochakCOO, fortbehavioral.com
Dr. Atkisson is one of the most talented professionals I know.  She has a way of putting people at ease while seeing into the depths of situations.  Her knowledge and abilities are equally matched with her warmth and empathy.  These qualities are accessible to someone of any age or experience level.  Simply stated, she is incredible.
Lee LongMA, LPC-S, CEO, Restoration Counseling
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